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Aqua Terra Law Firm is an all-round law firm on Curaçao where we can assist you in various legal areas. We represent your interests with conviction and will outline the path to be taken in consultation with you.

Labor and employment law

As an employer or employee on Curaçao, you have to deal with all kinds of employment law situations. In order to save time and unnecessary costs, it is advisable to be well informed about your rights and obligations. We can advise and help you solve labor disputes. But also when drawing up documents, dismissing an employee or claiming wages.

We can also help you with your payroll and payroll. Prevent labor law errors and ensure that your company complies with the labor law requirements set by law.


Every company deals with the conclusion, renewal and termination of contracts. Drawing up a contract does not sound complicated in advance, because of course you know what the contract should be about. However, there is much more to it. Think of situations where a default is committed, what happens then? At such moments, alertness is required because it can strongly influence your legal position and the future.

Drawing up an agreement is specialist work. The content of the agreement must be carefully determined and put on paper. To avoid legal disputes as much as possible, it is very important to cover all possible events in a contract, but also in other ways. You can think of General Conditions and Purchase Agreements. In short, we can certainly assist you with regard to contracts.

Tenancy law

Tenancy law is not always clear and unambiguous. In some cases it is allowed to deviate from the law and in others it is not. Tenancy law is a broad and complex field. Rent disputes do not only have to be about real estate, a house, but it can also be about movable property, such as renting a car or renting a boat.

The tenancy rules for movable property are completely different from real estate. Tenancy law quickly comes into play and can have unpleasant consequences for both parties. In order to be well informed about your rights and obligations, hiring a lawyer is crucial.

Are you involved or are you gonna be involved in a conflict with your tenant or landlord? Do not wait any longer and call Aqua Terra Law Firms for your rental disputes on Curaçao to provide both legal advice and assistance to the General Court. 

Debt collection

There is nothing more annoying than debtors who just don't want to pay. You keep sending reminders, but there is no progress.

When there is no prospect of a solution, it is time to ask Aqua Terra Law Firm. We are aware of the laws and regulations regarding the collection right and will do our utmost to collect the money to which you are entitled. With a clear approach you know exactly where you stand and what the steps to be taken are.

Do you receive bills incorrectly and has a debt collection agency, bailiff or lawyer been engaged by the counterparty? Do not wait any longer and contact us. We can check for you whether the bill has been justified or can help you make a payment arrangement.

Legal advice and Civil litigation

Do you need legal advice? Then you can contact us. We provide expert legal advice and keep you informed of the work in a transparent manner. You can be assured that your issue will remain behind closed doors and that we will not take any action after your agreement.

You can contact us for a wide variety of issues and will give you as much advice as possible or draw up a plan. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Please contact us for a Free Consult!

Civil litigation is also part of our package that we offer as a service. This can be done in all jurisdictions in which we work and are listed on this page. Civil litigation is when there is a dispute between the parties and one of these parties submits the dispute to the General Court. These are not criminal offenses.

Real estate law

Aqua Terra Law Firm has extensive expertise in the field of commercial and private real estate on Curaçao. We are engaged in, among other things, mediating, advising and litigating with regard to purchase contracts for real estate, including problems with easements and hidden defects.

We have many leasehold lots on Curaçao and Bonaire and this is important to consider. We can advise you on the purchase of such a lot and what consequences this will have for you as a buyer or seller. Do not be surprised by these important decisions, but engage us for correct and complete advice.

Persons and family law

The consequences of entering into and breaking up relationships between married, children and parents are not always clear. Such changes in your personal situation require careful regulation of the relevant topics. We understand all too well that financial and emotional interests also play an important role in this and take this into account at all times.

Avoid getting into a long divorce process and immediately turn on Aqua Terra Law Firm so that we can keep everything running smoothly. Our office also has a lot of experience in requesting partner and child alimony. As a result, we know what is necessary for drawing up alimony calculations. In addition, we can arrange your divorce from A to Z and will assist you in any legal action before the General Court.

Do you want to know how it works with authority and under guardianship? We can inform you about this and see which situation applies to you and what your rights and obligations are in this. 

Pro bono

Do you have a pro bono case that you wish to conduct on Curaçao or Bonaire? No problem, we do that too. We believe that every resident of Curaçao or Bonaire has the right to good assistance from a lawyer. 

When you indicate that you wish to obtain legal advice pro bono or that you wish to litigate pro bono before the General Court, we will refer you to SOAW on Curaçao or the Legal Aid Board on Bonaire. These authorities will then take care of your free legal assistance card. After obtaining this card, we will continue to process your case. 

At Aqua Terra Law Firm you can count on getting the same effort and quality as any other business at our office. You will also be assured that you will receive the best possible assistance from us during the General Court. 

Corporate law

Do you belong to a (large) company and do you feel that the supervisory director or shareholder always wants to sit in the chair of the director and do you have more questions, such as what to do in the event of a deadlock between the shareholders or how to prevent this? Then you can approach Aqua Terra Law Firm to help you with this in providing legal advice. In addition, we can represent your interests before the General Court.  

Social security law

Have you become incapacitated for work or are you too ill for a long time to perform work? Then it may be nice if someone can check for you what you may be entitled to on Curaçao and Bonaire in accordance with the Health Insurance (ZV) and Accident Insurance (OV). In addition, every entrepreneur sometimes has to deal with the Social Insurance Bank or SZW on Bonaire, so we would like to assist you with regard to ZV / OV.


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