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In addition to the legal profession, we also focus on financial services to entrepreneurs. We think it is important that you as a company can run a healthy company and do not spend too much time on the financial administration and payroll. We have been educated and have experience on this and can provide you with the best financial advice that really benefits you.

Annual accounts, OB & Profit tax returns

When you run your own business, you also need to make OB declarations. Every company on Curaçao and Bonaire has its own term within which these OB declarations must be made. We can provide OB declarations monthly, quarterly or annually. This prevents you from being late and being fined. You also have a good overview of your own administration. We help you organize and are happy to take over these tasks from you. This gives you more time to invest in running your own business.

In addition to filing OB returns, you will also have to prepare annual accounts. This is the final piece of a year and gives you direct insight into the ins and outs of your company from the past year. On this basis, you can, for example, apply for a mortgage or loan from the bank. Such authorities ask for your annual accounts and for some legal entities this is even mandatory.

Because a lot can depend on the annual figures, it is imperative that this is drawn up properly and that there are no errors on the annual accounts. In addition, it is also necessary that you file a profit tax return. Therefore hand over these important tasks to Aqua Terra Law Firm. We are experienced and driven to prepare correct and complete annual accounts for you that will allow you to continue. Because we are aware of the laws and regulations regarding the preparation of annual accounts and the submission of OB declarations, you will not be surprised.

Payroll administration

You can also outsource your payroll administration to Aqua Terra Law Firm. Good payroll is very important for a company. This is important, among other things, to prevent disputes between employer and employee, but also important to prevent the imposition of fines after a BAB and SVB inspection. In addition, this serves to prevent unnecessary assessments for you and / or your employees.

We can also assist you as a company in this, so that you can really focus on just your Core Business.

Our motto is:

We also offer this service in addition to companies that take legal advice from us. The combination of payroll and legal advice makes it easier for you as a company, because you only have to deal with one external party for important matters. The rate is of course a lot cheaper for you.

Tax advice

Do you have a financial related problem and would you like to discuss how to solve it? Then you have come to the right place. We are happy to look for a suitable solution for you and where desired, we can refer you or contact you with a third party who can help you best. Most importantly, your problem will of course be solved.

Accounts Receivable

Do you have trouble getting your bills paid and do you often suffer from unnecessary cash flow shortages? Then you can contact us for your debtor administration and if necessary, we can start the collection process. In short, you can contact us for your entire financial administration.


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